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So many of us revolve around the school calendar. This makes September feel like the beginning of the year instead of January. Most fun activities put on by community centres and dance schools begin in September. Because of this, I’ve noticed that a number of people discuss their goals for the upcoming year and many set aside Labour Day weekend as a “special” time to start something new.

I plan on spending the three day long weekend on everything to do with writing. I’ll be reading books for fun and books about writing, writing, revising, staring off into space dreaming, watching online writing tutorials, researching, reading blogs, and anything else that I can think of that’s related to a full time writing life.

It’s hard to ignore work. I work full time from home and it’s way too easy to look at just one e-mail. But then I’d have to answer it and then I’d read another and another.

On a normal weekday, I try to concentrate on my writing career at least one hour a day. To have a full three days is exciting.

I have a friend who has taken up the Labour Day weekend writing challenge to write a full novel in three days. I wish him luck.

So, what does all this have to do with resolutions? Well, here are my resolutions for September. I plan on entering two writing contests in September. I plan on completing my final revision on my current YA Science Fiction novel. I would love to find a writer’s group, but barring that I plan on joining some online writing communities and participating in them.

It’s a small list. I’ll make more resolutions throughout the year.

September is such an exciting time. I’ll start dancing again. I’ll have a writing career plan. I tingle with anticipation in a way that I never have in January. Good luck to all of you on your “New Year” resolutions.