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Ok. Here goes. It’s time to start writing a blog. I’m a complete blogger novice, but I hope to put down here my ideas, my dreams, my process for how I write my novels, and hopefully provide my readers with inspiration to reach their own dreams. I have no idea if this will work. Worst case, my family reads it and gets a chuckle. Best case, readers of my novels will get an inside glimpse into the process involved in creating the books they love.

I personally love reading about how writers get their ideas and how the main characters changed in the process of writing. I love the insight into their bad guys. One of my favorite author website is by Sherrilyn Kenyon. She has character pictures and bio’s for every single character in each of her series. Avid readers can spend hours on the website getting to know her characters. Another wonderful source of information that writers often give their readers is novellas, small novels that focus on the story of an individual character in the main series, often a minor character or even the villain.

While writing I find myself involved in massive amounts of research. I hope to share some of the more intriguing bits with you. Looking at new inventions and space exploration fires up my imagination of what the world will be filled with in the future. I wish I had a crystal ball to see which inventions will change the way we live in the future and which will be laughed about as ridiculously optimistic.

Bonnie Jacoby October 2013

Bonnie Jacoby
October 2013

About me.

I’m shy. I’ve learned to overcome this with a variety of strategies. Unfortunately, I also suffer from foot in mouth disease, which results in me saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Once I feel comfortable with the people around me, I loosen up and talk way too much.

I’ve discovered recently that I’m afraid of villains. This has resulted in my protagonists being shadowy figures in the background that don’t physically interact with my main characters. I have a very active imagination and it appears a healthy fear of strange things. A blurb on the radio will get me thinking “what if” in terms of an evil person and it is terrifying how I can come up with absolutely horrible ways in which a villain could hurt someone. This part of my imagination frightens me. Now that I know I have this problem, I hope to use it. I will write these horrible creatures into my novels and then they will be banished from my mind… until the next idea crops up.

About my current work in progress.

Originally the idea was titled “Spy Society” because I had a main character, Mouse, who had recently graduated from spy training and was about to embark on her first mission on a space station. This got me thinking about how a spy school would have come into being and why it would have been created. Why would it train teenagers instead of say military graduates? The idea morphed into “Mouse” and her journey from being a hunted orphan to finding this school at the beginning stages of its development. For NaNoWriMo I wrote a first draft and the story became “Left Behind” as I delved into the minds of two girls, orphaned by completely different circumstances that made them have different reasons for seeking out this school. I am currently revising my novel to make it complete. I need a new title as the current one is in use already and doesn’t accurately reflect the essence of the book.

I have written a second story set in a fantasy world. Currently, I am learning about all the various types of magic and the rules that go with them in my research. Apparently, no dragons of the type I have imagined exist so I have to piece together their history, appearance, family structure, and communication from tidbits of other dragons.


I have dedicated an entire year from September 2012 to my new career of being a writer. This involved tons of learning. I attended conferences, took online courses, bought and read copious amounts of books about writing, and researched online resources, blogs, tips, and so on. I have learned so much that my mind spins at the thought of what I would have said if I could have peeked into my future in 2012. I would have been too intimidated to start. I do not even want a peek into next year. I will plug away at this slowly and steadily and build on my knowledge and craft each day. I still have a family to raise and a full-time business to run after all.

Currently, I’m focusing on three things: Revision techniques, world building, and character creation.

More about me.

I love to take pictures. I’m by no means a photographer, but I see stories in every picture I take.