Bonnie Jacoby

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Bonnie Jacoby


Bonnie has always enjoyed creating stories.

As a child, she performed elaborate puppet shows for her younger brothers, bringing the imaginary worlds and characters to life. Unfortunately, reading was a struggle until the age of ten. But once she discovered the wonder of books, she hid in the forest and read romance, science fiction, and fantasy books until she had to go home for dinner.

Now, she spends her days writing stories that are filled with fantastic worlds and ordinary heroes who discover just how special they can be. She loves origin stories and exploring what makes a hero.

With a special love of dragons and spaceships, her stories will transport you to another place, where anything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

Bonnie Jacoby


Bonnie Jacoby is the author of the Dragon Descendants Series. She writes as much as she can while working as an accountant and business owner full time. She lives in British Columbia, Canada on one of the many coastal mountains with her charming husband, gamer son, and adorable dog.

Surrounded by trees and creeks, Bonnie has a love for nature that infuses her stories. She is as much at home on the ocean as on land and spent most of her childhood on a boat.

Known for her optimism and ready smile, Bonnie is sure to charm you with her hopeful stories and passion for believing in yourself.

Fun Fact

Bonnie wrote her first book at the age of ten. The story of two friends who set about solving a mystery was never completed. Turned out that writing a Nancy Drew style mystery was a lot harder than it looked.

Writing Routine

Bonnie writes in the morning between 9am and noon, usually for 1-2 hours. The rest of the day is spent on work (she works from a home office) and on the numerous tasks involved in creating a story.


Bonnie is pretty sure that there will not be enough time to write all the stories she needs to tell. With 8 series started and more planned, writing is a passion that fills her with joy and excitement.